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Want to Buy my Opinion? Just Try It

PR professionals have a history of attacking sponsored posts as unethical or bad for blogging in general. But where PR pros often go wrong is assuming blogging is, or should be, solely a PR tool. Here's why PR folks need to step back and reconsider their stance on...

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Social Media and Stupidity

Prejudices against youth in the workplace (the supposed "digital generation") revolve around claims that the under-30 crowd is entitled, "dumb," or dis-loyal to employers. I suspect problems may be rooted on the other side of the hiring (and reporting) equation....

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If PR Pros and Bloggers Played Nice

PR pros and bloggers love to complain about each other. At the same time, both groups sometimes need each other. But are the complaints and demands of either group fair or realistic?  don’t know about you, but I’m sick and...

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