Comment Policy

I’m a pretty tolerant person. I don’t have very many rules here regarding reader comments. However, the few below are non-negotiable. If you break them, chances are good your comment:

  • won’t be approved (if it’s your first comment and held in the moderation queue);
  • will be edited;
  • will be deleted.

Note: Every person’s first comment is moderated to help prevent spam. After that, future comments should go live immediately unless you use a different email address, IP address, or give the system some other reason to think you’re a first-time commenter.

Comment Policies

  1. If you choose to post something venomous, take credit for those comments publicly with your full name. I think that’s only fair, as I don’t hide behind anonymity in my posts. If you won’t own your words, they won’t be published here. (Note: Commenting with a non-spammy handle if you aren’t acting like an ass is perfectly fine.) Attacks targeting guests or other readers aren’t welcome here.
  2. I have no tolerance for mob-mentality provoked pile-ons, especially when they involve a guest, interview subject, or other commenters. If you pull it here, all comments involved will be removed and commenters involved may be banned from future commenting.
  3. If you say something ignorant because you were too lazy to read a post fully before commenting, I may point out the idiocy once. After that, don’t be surprised if future comments of that nature are deleted to save the headache. I’m a blogger, not a babysitter–I don’t have time to continually point out that you haven’t yet learned to read.

Simple, right? Be nice to others. Take credit if you want to be an ass to me personally. And read before commenting. Don’t agree? Then don’t comment.

Oh yeah. And don’t spam. Spam really pisses me off.

Why Are Some Comments Closed?

You may come across posts where comments are closed. I’m not a fan of that, but this blog was a special case.

The site was semi-retired years ago, with many archived posts being moved to other web properties I own. When NakedPR was re-launched in 2019, I moved key archived posts back to this domain.

In some cases, 10 years or more have gone by between the original publication dates and the blog’s re-launch. And because this blog tended to touch on controversial issues, some of which are tied to now-irrelevant sites or events, I didn’t want the re-launch to bring a new influx of comments on those very old archived posts.

If you come across a particular post in the archives that you feel is still highly relevant today, and you think re-opening comments would be best for readers in general (not just because you’re personally mentioned in the post for example), feel free to contact me to request it. I make no promises, but I’m willing to consider it.