If PR Pros and Bloggers Played Nice

PR pros and bloggers love to complain about each other. At the same time, both groups sometimes need each other. But are the complaints and demands of either group fair or realistic?

PR Pros: A Bunch of Shady Sex-Crazed Skirts

The public relations industry is full of crazy parties and dishonesty in service of getting what we want. Right? Um, not quite. But those misconceptions are what happen when the PR industry fails in its own PR efforts.

Why I Won’t Join Your PR Blog Party

As a new blogger in the PR community, it can be easy to get sucked into cliques that go from courting to a perpetual echo chamber. If you want to stand out, consider less ass-kissing and more thinking for yourself.

Why Do PR Professionals Still Not Understand Blogging?

Public relations professionals have a nasty little habit of claiming ownership of tools and promotional tactics that go far beyond their own uses. In this post I cover PR pros’ misguided views on both blogging and web links as “currency.”